Digital Bus Camera Solutions

Inside bus cameras can be employed as either; bus video event recorders or bus safety camera surveillance systems. While both applications involve multi surveillance cameras on buses with DVR recording inside the bus does not mean they will operate the same way.  In-bus safety camera recorder systems are continuously recording the video data from the surveillance cameras, while the mobile DVR can automatically trigger Event Alarm aspects of the bus safety camera such as high G sensor impacts or inertia or overspeed. 

School bus video cameras on buses often referred to as inside bus cameras are a proven means for enhancing child safety and security by providing video recording systems inside the school bus that can provide digital expert witness in case of incident or crime. Security child safety video event recorders on buses provide sequential video evidence when needed to dispute false allegations or document bad behaviors. 

Digital Bus Camera offers School Bus Surveillance Camera System  include the following:

SD4HD Low Cost High Definition Digital Bus Camera Surveillance

SD4HW Low Cost High Definition GPS & Wi-Fi Digital Bus Camera Surveillance

SD8HD & SD8HW Low Cost High Definition School Bus 8 Camera Surveillance Solution

SD4mX  Low Cost Digital Bus Camera Surveillance

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